Virtual Leadership Summit: Conversations with Henry & Merissa

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Prod MBA’s Virtual Leadership Summit series. Hosted by Henry Latham, the first centered around product leadership, and the second focused on customer insights and data. Both Summits features interviews with 10+ inspiring product leaders. Each talk is centered around sharing tangible advice for helping product managers grow into effective product leaders.

Interview #1: Why Product Leadership is So Messy

In our 25 min interview Henry and I chat about:

  1. The messy nature of product management
  2. Tactics to get out of the “frenzy of work” in order to think strategically
  3. Advice on how to level-up your product skill set as a Junior/Mid-Level PM

Interview #2: The Dangers of Being Data Driven

In this conversation, Henry and I cover:

  1. Common malpractice around quantitative data
  2. Understanding why getting to the “Why” really matters
  3. How to incorporate customer insight into your workflow

Hi, I’m Merissa. I have 10+ years of experience in digital product management in the US, Australia, and Germany.