• Arifunctg


  • Irina Spicaka

    Irina Spicaka

    Digital Media Artist, Curator, UX/UI Designer | Writing about Art, Design & Technology

  • Liva Kacara

    Liva Kacara

  • Carlos Barrera Cruz

    Carlos Barrera Cruz

    Senior consultant @atoms, I am fascinated by Digital World 🔮 As a Technophile, I constantly experiment new techniques, skills, methods, and processes.

  • Nazli Binyildirim

    Nazli Binyildirim

    Strategic Design and Innovation Consultant. Pratt Institute, MPS in Design Management. Mimar Sinan, BA in Industrial Design.

  • Jesh Sukhwani

    Jesh Sukhwani

    Passionate and keen to read on Digital Marketing Media Data and Technology. Currently getting my head around OKRs Love outdoor sports Meditation is my tipple

  • William Malek

    William Malek


  • Hoang Tung

    Hoang Tung

    Xin chao! I’m a product guy from Vietnam.

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